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[M:tG] Draft Tech 6

[M:tG] Draft Tech 6

This is the last Draft Tech of this set of 6 boosters. Next week, I’ll be changing up the usual post here on Friday by taking a look at all six together, in a Sealed format type scenario. I’ll be looking at building a 40-card deck from just the cards in these six boosters, and hopefully I’ll come up with something halfway decent.


First Pick

Accursed Spirit is probably what I would go with. It has one of the best forms of evasion in Intimidate, and it’s decently efficient at 3/2 for 4.

Ratchet Bomb is a very close second, though. It’s cheap to get out, and so long as your opponent doesn’t have a way of getting rid of artifacts, then you’re ready to pop it on something big as soon as your opponent brings it out. It’s not going to help you much if you get it late-game, though.

Honorable Mentions

There’s the ever present Dawnstrike Paladin.

Sentinel Sliver is nice and efficient, and comes with Vigilance, which is pretty cool. Even if you weren’t going for Tribal Slivers, that’s a pretty decent card.

Frost Breath is pretty good temporary removal, much liks Seismic Stomp last week.

Minotaur Abomination isn’t terrible, but it’s nothing special, either.


Duress is handy, but there are better uses of your mana, IMO.

Groundshaker Sliver is cool, but at 7 mana, the game is probably over by the time you’re getting him on the table. Maybe not, of you have enough mana acceleration, but I think this card is much better in a constructed format.

Diabolic Tutor is very advantageous, if you need that linchpin card, but at 4 mana, it’s going to cost you. Dearly. I’m not a fan, the cost-reward just isn’t there for me.

Howl of the Night Pack falls into the same category as the Groundshaker Sliver for me. It’s aimed for too late in the game for Draft and Sealed. Unless you have some mana acceleration.

Special Edition Next Week!

As I mentioned in the intro, next week son’t be draft tech, but will be a fake sealed deck build, using the six packs I’ve opened during the past six weeks.

Now that you know the contents of all six boosters too, take a look and see Sealed what deck you would make. Let’s compare notes next week!

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