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[M:tG] M14 Draft Tech 3

[M:tG] M14 Draft Tech 3

It’s Friday, so it’s time to crack another pack!

First Pick

This is a three-way tie for me. I like that Dragon’s Egg gives you a turn as a chump blocker, and then gives you a pumpable 2/2 the following turn, all for 3 mana. I also like Chandra’s Outrage for all sorts of obvious reasons. Lastly, I like Marauding Maulhorn. It’s efficient and it keep the pressure up on your opponent.

I don’t know why I keep picking all Red stuff. I really like the Woodborn Behemoth, but I think that unless there’s some land advancements in the deck (stuff that pulls lands out quickly) in order to pull off it’s party trick.

Banisher Priest is another solid piece, probably removing a big beastie for a turn or two of punishment. Dragon Hatchling gets a lot of attention, but I feel like it’s a mana hog. Trollhide is noteworthy, as is Gladecover Scout for some early game annoyance.

Over all, very underwhelmed by this booster.

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