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Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update 2

Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update 2

Yarr, more paint!

I was working last night, but ran into an issue, and had to stop.  I don’t have any Frostbite.  Luckily, I’ve contacted my gaming friends, and someone has a spare bottle I’m going to buy from them tonight at the shop (who doesn’t carry P3, yet).

War Dog

In the mean time, here’s the War Dog:


What breed should I paint him up as? The studio model is done up like a Rotweiler, but the dog’s structure lends itself to several different breeds.


Work continues on the mad man himself.  Here’s all the groundwork laid for metallics and the fur.  I found some mold lines in the fir that I missed, so I will have to take care of those before proceeding.  So far, though, he’s turning out well, I’m very happy.


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