I was a Captain of a Steampunk Zeplin in a past life or something…

Who are you?

I’m Brendon, a twenty thirty-something Software Engineer from the midwest.  I’m a typical nerd in that I enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy and know nothing about (and am terrible at) all things sports. I enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, painting small toys, and I have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of movie soundtracks.

How did you get into the hobby?

I started painting models when I was about 10.  My father is an avid model train enthusiast and car guy (he is an automotive engineer), and I enjoyed helping him build model cars and tinker with model trains.  After a few model car kits, I decided I was tired of working on things just to put them on a shelf.

I started looking and asking around for some type of model I could play with – something that was part model kit, part game.  Of course, I stumbled across Warhammer 40k.  I started with the 3rd Ed kit, Space Marines vs Dark Eldar.  I painted them exactly as shown on the box, and I don’t think that I actually played a game with them for several years…

What do you play now?

As of 2017, largely Infinity – PanOceania (Military Orders, Neoterra soon), Combined Army (Onyx Contact Force and Morats) and I have some Nomads.  I also enjoy video games, like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

2021 update: I don’t play tabletop wargames much at all, and the pandemic had nothing to do with that. I’ve picked up Star Wars Legion, and I’ve painted a far bit of Tyranids, but neither have seen the tabletop. Video games currently in favor are Satisfactory, Cities Skylines, a little Hades, and Among Us from time to time.

Why paint miniatures?

I really enjoy the creative process – taking an idea and making it real.  It’s also relaxing, uses different mental muscles than my day job, and unlike video games, I get a demonstrable product out of the time I put in.

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  • Holy coincidence Batman! I stroll across the interwebs and find I have a local PGer. Granted I’m usually occupied on Thursdays, but I figured Game Parlor didn’t have much of a Warmachine presence since I never see new merch coming into the store, tournaments, anything of that sort. Looks like I found someone to harass about getting events run closer than Fredericksburg, though I guess I missed out on the Journeyman league stuff.


  • Plarzoid, sorry I have not been in touch lately regarding the painting of the extreme avatar but I was off in Arizona getting married. I am back now, but found out that I could be transferred before the end of the year and now my wife is also pregnant. I would like to try and meet up next weekend to get the Avatar to you if possible. Please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Chad Fogel


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