Armies I’ve painted for myself, charity or on commission.

MKIII Sunset Retribution, Army II, 75pts – Commission

MKIII Sunset Retribution, Army I, 75pts – Commission

MKII Legion of Aquablight – Personal Army, 2x Master Craftsman winner

Winterguard Themed Khador
MKIII Winterguard Themed Khador – Personal army, can be seen on BattleCollege!

Hexeris1 T4 @ 35pts
MKII Hexeris1 (T4 @ 35pts) – For Clash of the Titans on Lost Hemisphere.

MKII Pink Butcher Charity Army (T4 @ 35pts) – Charity Benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
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  • Hello,

    Can I use your photo of the Winter Guard army on the Battle College article about the 2017 Winter Guard theme?

    I will credit you as the painter, of course.


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