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Hand Cannon Online

This site’s a great place to get more tutorials and how-to guides.  There are some great painters and sculptors alike, and some decent discussions about tactics, too. These guys also stepped up and took over the old Iron Agenda Blogging Network (IABN), which this site is a part of.

Captain Spud (is Amazing)


Captain Spud is an amazing sculptor, and makes some awesome stuff.  He’s been a blast to play games against the past few years at Templecon, and while he hates getting hugs, he’s a very nice guy.  Also, his sculpting tutorials are mind-blowing.

Seething Ginger, A Nerd Saga

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The ramblings of semi-local, red headed PG TionasBlade. Loads of nerdy conversions, Warmachine tactica, game reviews and RPG thoughts.


A free-form trading outpost. Everything miniatures, collectible card game, or rpg related can be traded there for anything else. Great way to turn your unwanted models into ones you do want!

Arcane Paintworks

APW Color

The new site for the ever lovely and disgustingly talented Meg Maples. She’s the reason my painting is as good as it is.

Mini Army, Huge Time-sink

Mini Army, Huge Time-sink

A blog written by local gamer, Ron.  He’s been playing Warmachine for almost a year now, and is a heavy proponent of Menoth.  He recently did a Rhyas Rearguard Theme List for our Journeyman League, and is an ace with an airbrush.

Khadoran Machine Never Breaks


Another local who has a blog, Adam.  He’s a Legion / Khador player, and dabbles in 40k and Fantasy as well.  Recently, he’s jumped on the Infinity band wagon, and he’s also a huge hockey fan.

Hobby Hysteria


New home of the ever pants-less Northblade, this is where I go to skim the surface of the deep pond that is comic books.

Dragon Forge Design

Custom Resin BasesA great source for highly detailed resin bases for wargames.  Jeff is a great guy, and has bases for GW games as well as PP / Wyrd (round-lipped bases).  They’re incredible, and I’m very excited to use them for my Protectorate, Cryx, and Retribution armies.

Latchkey & Ampersand


Webcomic by local chef, drawing wiz-kid, and Pokemon enthusiast, Zach. It follows two teenage super heroes as they deal with life, love, and the bullshit that comes with being a teenager.

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