I am currently taking commissions for single figures or small groups.  Please inquire via email.

Below is a pricing guide based on model size and level of craftsmanship.  These minimums represent an average project, and prices may vary due to project details like basing, model complexity, model material, conversion work, freehand painting, etc.

If you are inquiring about a project, please include the following, so I can get you an accurate quote as quickly as possible:

  • Model name
  • Quantity (1 model, three characters, 10-man squad, etc)
  • Desired Extras (conversions, display bases, etc)
  • Color Scheme
  • Deadline (if applicable)

I look forward to hearing about your project and working with you to bring your ideas to life!

Level 1 – Gaming

Models at Level 1 look great on the tabletop, and will be the envy of your gaming club!

Level 1 models get three (3) colors, each with a wash/shade and highlight.

  • Small based models (25-30 mm humanoids):  $25 each
  • Medium based models (40 mm): $40 each
  • Large based models (50-60 mm): $75 each

Level 2 – Army Centerpiece

Models at Level 2 deserve a spot in your display case when they’re not commanding everyone’s attention on the battlefield!

Level 2 projects get five colors, each with a shade and highlight expertly blended in. (Flesh tones and metals don’t count towards the color count.)

  • Small based models (25-30 mm humanoids):  $75-$100 each
  • Medium based models (40 mm): $100-$125 each
  • Large based models (50-60 mm): $150+ each

Level 3 – Display

Gold models lead your army into battle and would be worthy of an award in a painting competition!

Level 3 models get the supreme treatment!  An unlimited number of colors with at least two shades and two highlights each, blended and glazed to perfection.  This level is aimed at character models, army leaders or models you wish to display and enjoy purely as art.

  • Small based models (25-30 mm humanoids): $200
  • Medium based models (40 mm): $300
  • Large based models (50-60 mm): $500


The above prices cover painting, but there’s a lot more I can do for you as well:

  • Model prep (mold lines, pinning, etc)
  • Conversions & alterations
  • Display base
  • Varnish (gloss or matte)

If you need me to obtain the model for your commission, I’m happy to do so.  I prefer to give my LGS the business on items where the online discount doesn’t make up for the shipping costs (provided they can get it in a timely manner).  The cost of the model and any shipping costs are the responsibility of the Client, and are due at the same time as the initial 50% deposit.


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