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Holiday Update 2

Holiday Update 2

There’s something to be said about good music.

Tron: Legacy‘s  soundtrack was amazing.  Daft Punk has always been a favorite for me, and the soundtrack certainly has their unique sound.  I also enjoyed the scene that featured them – it was a nice strong nod to their work.  I loved this movie.  Especially since I had watched the original Tron just a few days before.  Unfortunately, the original is no longer in production.  I hope when Legacy comes out on DVD, they do a combo pack.  That would be awesome!

Inception‘s soundtrack is also great.  I’ve watched it twice now this vacation, and Hans Zimmer is second only to John Williams, in my opinion.  Hans likes to do bigger, grander themes and isn’t afraid to use synthesizers, etc.

As I’m typing this, my Dad and I are watching The Expendables.  The music has been pretty good as well.

Yesterday, some family from my Mom’s side stopped by and everyone went out 4-wheelin’.  It was pretty fun.  My cousin and I rode ATVs and my wife and all the parents rode in a pair of Jeeps.  Here’s a shot of me on the ATV:

Vroom, vroom!

My wife got her hands on my Uncle’s digital SLR, and being the photography nut she is, came up with some pretty cool shots.  This one was my favorite:

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear…

That’s my Aunt Nancy you can see in the Jeep.  I’m in the lead ATV, and you can sort of see my cousin behind me.

I know I didn’t really talk about my models, but it’s been a week, and I figured I needed to post something.  I have gotten a bit done on them, and I’ll post some pictures in a few days when I can get a bit more done.  Having lots of family in town was a nice surprise and I spent time with them rather than paint (as is right around the holidays, ya know?).

Anyway – a more model related update in a day or so.

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