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How to Clean Your Airbrush, Fast

How to Clean Your Airbrush, Fast

This is a super useful tip from Vincent Venturella on how to clean your airbrush quickly, which is great when you need to change colors while working on the same model. It’s worth a watch and relevant given this week’s How-to Tuesday article on airbrushes.

All too often, I end up bubbling some paint over the edge of the cup, and have a mess on my hands, which breaks up my flow. I’m still mastering this technique. I think one key piece of it is mixing smaller amounts of paint which I imagine makes clean up just that much easier. I consider myself a clean and careful painter, but I always struggle to keep my airbrushes clean.

I mean, I keep my tools clean. Let me be clear.

I’m just not as fast as Vincent.

Uh. Just watch the video…

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