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Time for something different…

Time for something different…

I’ve been painting privateer Press models for quite a while now, and painting the Viking Girl for Meg’s class a few months ago was a real joy. I was happier painting that model than I’ve been while painting for a long time.

Quick conclusion?  It’s time to take a break from Privateer Press models, and do something a little different…

As part of my Paint for Profit challenge on WAMP, I’ve “purchased” my first model from myself, and I need to paint it up to sell on eBay.  I figure that going after models that are useful in games or for roleplaying is a good way to appeal to many people, and encourage bidding and get a good price.

I figured I’d start off with a wizard, cause, ya know.  Magic.


The above is “Velmarius Elazarin”, sculpted by Julie Guthrie (Reaper #60070, $6.49 retail).  There’s a decent amount of detail on him that just doesn’t show in the picture, especially the robes & scarf in the back.

Secondly, I found a challenger on the WAMP ladder, and our category is “fantasy”.  For this, I’ll be working on some Super Dungeon Explore minis, who I’ve been wanting to paint for quite some time now.

So, I got out the airbrush Tuesday night and went to town.

I primed the Kobold Knucklehead, and my Tau Battlesuit black (Yeah, 40k.  What of it?), and the Paladin, Embermage and Velmarius white.  Then, I hit the Embermage’s hat with Khador Red, highlighted with Khador Red Highlight and shaded with Sanguine Base.  I also hit her skirt with Murderous Magenta:


There’s loads of overspray, but that’s fine.  I’m still learning how to use my Badger Sotar 2020.  It does fine lines, but I keep getting paint drying on the needle, and it’s annoying.

The orange doesn’t really show up in this picture, but it’s there.  I may go back in and strengthen it a bit by brush, though.

The Paladin and Velmarius got a shot of Cygnar Blue Base.  It’s fairly dark, but rich, and I like that for a paladin and a wizard.


I’ve artificially lightened the picture of Velmarius below,so you can make out more of the model’s detail. The color on the Paladin is fairly accurate.


The rest of those two will be done by hand.

Lastly, the Battlesuit got a good coat of Bloodstone.  I also shot the arms and head with Bloodstone, but left the guns entirely black.  I’m leaving him in pieces to make painting a bit easier.

Here’s the battlesuit body:


I realize pictures of not even fully basecoated models is not terribly interesting, but in an effort to post more often and record more of my process, you’re going to be getting more frequent but smaller updates.

I also need to be better about recording my color recipes, since I had to dig hard to find what colors I had used on that test Gun Drone for my Tau…

Time to set up that paint scheme journal!

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