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So, after completing the centaurs, I have one more project to finish before I can actually start working on my own models (eek!).  I’m painting a Circle Battlebox for a friend.  Since I already have one of the 4 models painted, it shouldn’t be too hard to finish up!  I’m stripping the paint off of one model, and have almost all of them based.  Hopefully I can blitz this mini project this weekend!

I’ve also been up to a lot of trading on Bartertown, getting rid of the last of my Cygnar and Circle, and appropriating the models I traded away so long ago.  I’m returning to Cryx and Khador, two of the factions I started playing over a year ago.  Cryx is fun, especially since I enjoy their spellcastery Warcasters:  Asphyxious and Deneghra.  Khador’s a blast because they take a lick and just keep on coming.

Oh, I’ve also finagled my way into a space based naval warfare game:  Firestorm Armada.  I’ve procured the Directorate Starter Fleet, and the models look great:

Needless to say, I’m very excited with everything coming up, and you should be too!  Keep your eyes peeled for some updates this weekend!

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