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Tips ‘n’ Tricks #1

Tips ‘n’ Tricks #1

So, with over 5,000 hits I’d like to start a little segment:  Tips ‘n’ Tricks.  These will be hobby related, and things that will hopefully help you out a bit.  I’ll also tag these posts accordingly, so they can be found later.

This first one is more Trick than Tip:

If you are using a topless container for paint stripping, fumes can be an issue.  Especially if you live in an apartment, and it’s the middle of winter.  You don’t have a garage, nor can you really afford to open a window.  Here’s what I do:

I put my Solo cups into plastic bags.  They seal in 95% of the smell, and also protect from a spill.  You can re-use them or toss them as you see fit.  Some care needs to be taken sealing them, I suggest practicing with water first so if you spill, no big deal.

Good Luck!

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