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Bash Brothers

Bash Brothers

I only have one picture to give you today, but I’m pretty happy with it.  As I said earlier, I’m aiming to have white as a secondary color on my Cygnar.  I’ve worked it into my two heavies: Ol’ Rowdy, and my magnetized Ironclad/Defender/Triumph.  Behold!

Now, I haven’t been slacking.  I’ve been doing things that are just… less interesting.  I’ve stripped and de-superglued my Skorne Models.  I just finished up the last of my Trollbloods that needed to be stripped, and oh…  My wife and I finally found a new place to live.  We’re moving into a two bedroom condo much closer to my work.  I’ll have more room and won’t be working in a closet.  For realz:

We just currently don’t have the room.  SO!  Expect updates to be slow and short for February.  After that, expect some really cool stuff.  I just got my hands on a Jeweler’s Saw, and oh, boy will it open up what I can convert.


EDIT:  Devastator, Karchev, and a Pyre Troll I’d missed are all in the paint stripper, and I guess I hadn’t acetone soaked my Champs unit, so they’re soaking too.  Little by little…

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  • Hey congrats on the new place! Before we got our new place I did all my painting out of a shoe box – so I feel your pain on the "no room to paint" front. Oh, and nice brothers from another mothers up there too!


  • I like the whites you've done on the armor. And congrats on getting the new place bro! Gotta come out of the closet some time! :p hehe in a good way though that is! More hobby room is always better I say.


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