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Cygnar Update

Cygnar Update

Been a while.  I’ve got the blues done.  I’m happy with how it’s turned out.

I do want more white in my army though. Most Cygnar armies use the bronze / brass colors as a secondary (and Yellow is an accent), but I really love the look of some stormblades I saw on the forum – they had some nice white additions to them. So, expect to see some white on these before they’re done.

I also haven’t done much to the metallics – they need work yet. Anyway, more pictures!

You’ll also notice I need to fix the yellows and whites.  Such is the danger of drybrushing 🙁

Trooper models got a little Ice Blue on their robes. This helps make the cloth stand out from the armor.

Overall, closer to getting done! These guys need something on the kneecaps too – probably some white to break everything up.

Suggestions on where to put some white for a secondary color?

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  • man, that blue is really poppin' man! I like how it turned out. Gotta get the rest of em' finished up now!!!

  • Thanks. I got white put on the two heavies over the weekend, they look much brighter now. I'll be updating tonight!

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