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[2013] Journeyman Progress

[2013] Journeyman Progress

<Insert comment about how long it’s been, and posting more often, etc>

Here’s the current state of my Cygnar collection, as we go into the Journeyman tomorrow:

Stryker 1, Squire, Centurion, Hunter, Ol’ Rowdy and Sword Knights (6) are all mostly done Black 13th and Reinholdt are done, but need to be sealed.

The oil wash I tried didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, which is why the models look dirty.  I needed a better gloss coat, and the clean up Q-tips like to get caught on the rivets, so the models ended up a little fuzzy in some places as the cotton got pulled apart.

As much as I want to re-do these, this is how we learn.

To Dos: Highlight metallics (after sealing), clean up the too-dirty whites, and glowy bits.

Stryker_Squire_WIP Stryker_Squire_back_WIP Ol'Rowdy_Hunter Centurion_Hunter Sword_Knights

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