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Tutorial Shoutouts

Tutorial Shoutouts

So, I don’t have a How-to Tuesday article for you today.  Today’s slot was reserved for the off-chance that the Extreme Ghetorix tutorials took longer than expected.  I want to maintain my posting momentum, though, so I figured I would share some hobby related resources with you.

Ichiban Studios

I recently found this channel on YouTube, while looking to see if SchnauzerFace or AwesomePaintJob had any new videos up. Hugo, the main man behind the videos is a really good painter, and enjoys showing his methods. His videos range from unboxings to airbrush tutorials to weathering to studio updates (he does commissions).

Ichiban seems to do only 40k, so don’t expect to see much Warmachine. The techniques and advice still apply though, and I know many of you out there aren’t monogamous when it comes to game systems, so hopefully he has something to teach you. I particularly like the handful of videos about spicing up X-Wing models. I’ve included one below.

Here are some of examples of his stuff:

HandCannon Online: Randy Miller on 2-Brush Blending

This article is a great place to start if you’re looking at 2-bush blending. He has some good explanations with pictures, and then a video (below). Note that the video is sped up – you don’t actually move that fast.

The video does a great job of showing the motions and how to do it, but the article itself helps explain the theory, and why you’re making the motions you are, and why they’re effective. Definitely give the video a watch, and definitely read through the article.

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  • Ichiban actually grabbed the 2 player Warmachine kit sometime last year. has a video of him somewhere painting Khador. AwesomePaintJob, Ichiban, Greenleafterrain, and BlueTablePainting all are partners with On top of that, they’ve got a couple of local guys on staff constantly doing shorter tutorials that are probably well below your skill level, but there nonetheless. Furthermore, they’ve got a ton of batreps for both Warmachine, 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, now Infinity, Xwing, and they’re getting into Malifaux.

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