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Painting Table Update

Painting Table Update

Lots of time spent at the desk this weekend, and only a little bit of it spent playing video games.

Progress has been made primarily on Velmarius and the Ember Mage, with just a little bit of clean up on the Tau Battlesuit (fixing overspray).

Let’s start with the Ember Mage.  Mostly, the gem in the staff is done.  It’s P3 Thamar Black at the top, P3 Beaten Purple in the middle, 50/50 Beaten Purple and P3 Arcane Blue as it gets lighter, and then 50/50 the previous mixture and P3 Morrow White at the very bottom.  Two dots up top, one big and one small are also Morrow White.  Additionally, while I had the black and white out, I painted her open mouth and teeth.

Velmarius was my focus over the weekend.  Since he’s part of the Paint for Profit challenge I’m trying out on WAMP, I need to get him painted, based and up for auction sooner rather than later.

With some color selection help from my wife, I decided to paint his scarf thing a dark, sort-of rusty red.  This started with a base of P3’s Skorne Red, shaded with P3 Sanguine Base and highlighted up with 50/50 P3 Khador Red Base and P3 Khador Red Highlight.  The blue robe uses the same recipe on Cygnar – Blue Base for the mid-tone, Exile Blue for shadows and Blue Highlight for, well, highlights!

With the rich red and blue, I needed to ground Velmarius in reality a little, so I painted the clothes under his robe in textures.  An off-white shirt, khaki / canvas pants and brown leather boots.  The shirt is P3 Menoth White Base washed with GW Gryphonne Sepia, highlighted with P3 Menoth White Highlight.  The pants are P3 Hammerfall Khaki shaded with 50/50 Hammerfall Khaki and P3 Gun Corp Brown, highlighted with Menoth White Base.  Boots are based in P3 Bootstrap Leather, shaded with P3 Battlefield Brown and highlighted with Gun Corp Brown.

The belt and, er… loincloth? was done using the same colors as the gem on the Ember Mage.  The glow on the hands is Arcane Blue slowly brightened with Menoth White and then Morrow White.

There are a few minor things to finish up.  I see one thing to fix in the pictures, and I would like to do some freehand on the robe, if for no other reason than to get some practice in.

I’m hoping to have Velmarius up on eBay by the end of the week, stay tuned for more!

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  • The Gem looks perfect for SDE. Its creepy to have to look at a mini with no pupil though 😛

    I had to look up Velmarius because I thought I was supposed to know who he is. I like the model. I bet you could add $5-10 to the bid price for your sales goal if you do something with his base. The magic glow on his hands is cool, but I think people will be more motivated to use him as their RPG guy if there is something being “affected” by his spell around him. Could be some swirling cotton, or cracking ice or if you’ve got some lying around a blue flame or bit of magical wave (I know reaper makes some bits of this in their weapon accessories and magic packs if you have any of those lying around).

    I htink my favorite part on Velmarius is actually the vest. Its subdued, but you really feel like its a piece of clothing that he wears rather than just another color painted on.

    • Yeah, I’m slowly working up the nerves to do the eyes.

      I think extra glowy stuff on his base would look cool, but it’ll depend on if I can get him far enough back to do anything like that without it seeming odd. For instance, if I have the ground glow, why not his face and arms, etc? Additionally, I have to weigh the work put in vs what I think I’ll get for him on eBay.

      • Keep the eyes blank. Super creepy. You can always explain it away as a “spell casting trance” or somesuch.

    • Thanks! The contrast is a little better in person, the light kind of washes him out. I should have finished pictures up tomorrow, but I’ll also bring him on Wednesday.

  • the gem on the ember mage looks really nice and i like the glow on the hands of Velmarius. I think a freehand on his robe would increase his value. go for it! 🙂

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