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The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack

Before I get into what I’ve been working on this past week, I want to remind you all that Velmarius only had 4 days left to go on eBay.  Check it out here:

Ok, so I needed to blitz something before the month was over for the “Tales of WM/H” on the PP Forum, which is a painting challenge to paint 5-pts worth of models a month.  I Joined at the end of Jan, and failed for Feb, so I’d used up my two “Free” passes.  You can get them back by painting up 5 extra points of models in a given month.  So, I finally got around to painting my Circle Battlebox (from the 2-player set).

Here’s some crappy cell-phone pics I took this morning of the Wolf Pack:

These are purely for demo purposes, so they’re not super high quality. The Feral was fun just because of his muscles and fur. I’m very happy with hos the armor turned out on the lights, as well as Kaya’s cloak. Kaya’s face was another learning experience, and I’ll try to get a better close-up when I get the Lightbox out again.

Next on the painting table are the SDE heroes, and something for the latest NQ challenge.

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