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[Nova Open 2014] Pic Dump: Infinity

[Nova Open 2014] Pic Dump: Infinity


Infinity, the Game is a huge fan of the NOVA Open, and they sent some never before seen, studio painted models to be showcased.  I’m not sure what these are, but they’re tiny and they’re gorgeous.  I’m sure Ron can explain…

Warning:  Lots of big pictures ahead!



















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  • Aw yiss, my time to shine!

    For those curious:

    1. Nomad Alguciles (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    2. Nomad Mobile Brigada (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    3. PanO Father Knight (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    4. PanO Armored Cavalry (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    5. PanO Nisses Sniper (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    6. Sniper again
    7. PanO Fusilier (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    8. PanO Fusilier (from Operation: Icestorm box)
    9. Yu Jing Yojimbo
    10. Yojimbo sans bike
    11. PanO Bolt (special Tabitha Lyons Cosplay edition)
    12. Yu Jing Sun Tze (resculpt)
    13. Yu Jing Terracotta Soldier (also a rescultp of an older model)
    14. Civie from a Dire Foes set
    15-16. Nomad Tungusta Interventor & Fast Panda
    17. Tohaa Hotail
    18. PanO Fusilier again

  • Very nice! I really like these minis. I had seen Infinity minis when they first came out, but it looks like they definitely turned their sculpts up a notch. I have a friend who wants to get in on it, and I didn’t think much of it till I saw these pics. I have a few questions though,
    1) Is the scale 28mm, 30mm, heroic type scale?
    They seem a bit smaller and more realistic.
    2) How many minis are needed for an average game? This is a real skirmish game, not an army game, right?
    3) How much terrain is needed?
    I have heard you need to fill the whole table.
    4) They had a new edition recently, third edition. What books are needed to play? Is it just the rulebook or are there other books to pick up?

    Any help would be much appreciated. I hope to see more Infinity posts in the future!
    -Bearded Dwarf

    • I’ll take a stab at these, and I’m sure Ron will correct me if I’m wrong.

      1) It’s 28mm true scale. The heads and hands are teeny!!
      2) You can play with probably as low as 5. They have Secorial Army boxes, which have about 6 guys in them for $35-$50. Those make up a roughly 200pt army, which is about as small to average in size.
      3) A ton!! Luckily, they are producing some cardboard foldable terrain (featured in their new 2-player starter) that is cheap and looks great.
      4) As far as I know, Corvus Belli (manufacturer) gives the rules away for free on their website – you buy the books if you want something physical in your hands, or if you care about the artwork and backstory. That said, I think there is only a core rulebook and the occasional campaign book. I think all of those are obsolete now, though, with the rules re-vamp.

    • 2) The core mechanics of the game make it generally inadvisable to go over 10 dudes unless you’re going to really go for it and play 15 or more. So, most people who aren’t actively trying to swarm shoot for a 10-man army.

      3) Tons and tons and tons. Models should never have to walk more than 5-8″ in open ground before being back in cover. Otherwise, opposing models will just spot you and tear you apart with covering fire. As a result, terrain is probably the biggest challenge when it comes to starting up a new Infinity group– unless you’re looking to drop a few hundred dollars on MDF laser-cut terrain, you’re probably looking at four times as much time investment to make buildings than on building and painting your teensy squads of Space People.

      With that said, papercraft kits are available online for those so inclined, and the company will be putting out a rudimentary set of cardboard terrain next month. It isn’t much, but it’ll get you started.

      4) 3rd edition isn’t out yet. A new two-player starter with simplified quickstart rules comes out next month, but the full rulebook isn’t expected until December or January. That said, the differences between 2nd and 3rd aren’t massive, so you could easily pick the game up now and just make a few adjustments in a few months once the new rules hit.

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