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Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Whoa boy!  If you haven’t checked out the cray folks over at Lost Hemisphere, you may not know about this particular painting challenge.

Image stolen from LH

Each participant is to have three (3) fully painted 35-50pt T3 Theme forces by Templecon 2012.  That’s about 8 months to paint up 105 pts (at minimum).

While 100 pts over 8 months doesn’t sound like a whole lot, remember that theme lists typically run lots of infantry, and the contestants are not doing any two lists from the same faction.  That’s quite a few schemes to work out and stuff to get painted!
I’m planning on attending Templecon, so that’s a great deadline for me.  I also want to play with more painted miniatures, so this is perfect!
I also want to be fully painted for Blob’s Park – in September.  That’s a 50pt event, for which I’m planning on running Skorne.  I’m not going to be running any theme lists at that event, but I might as well pack in a couple extra models here and there so that I can get theme lists done while painting models for the event.
So, with a deadline of September 24th, I need to paint all my Skorne models.  Namely:
Cataphract Cetrati (full) & Vorkesh
Venators (2x min) & UA 
Praetorians (2x min) & UA
Cyclops Brute
Bronzeback Titan
something else, I’m sure…
Those models coupled with pMakeda, a Tyrant Commander and a spare Venator UA will give me what I need for Blob’s park as well as a 35pt pMakeda Tier 4 army.  (50 if I snag Molik Karn and shuffle some things around)
For the second tier list, I’ve had Cygnar on my mind for quite a while now.  I’d like to paint up this 50pt pStryker T4 army:
Commander Coleman Stryker (*6pts)
* Lancer (6pts)
* Lancer (6pts)
* Ol’ Rowdy (9pts)
Field Mechaniks (min) (2pts)
Field Mechaniks (min) (2pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (min) (6pts)
* Officer & Standard (0pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (min) (6pts)
Stormblade Infantry (5pts)
* Officer & Standard (3pts)
* * Stormclad (10pts)
* 1 Storm Gunner (1pts)

It should be a fun mix of shooting, melee and assaulting, with lots of defensive potential.  I also have some conversions in mind for the Stormclad and Stormblades.  Right now, Stryker and one of the Lancers are finished, with Ol’ Rowdy being about 80% done.   Everything else would need to be painted.
I just can’t decide on my last list.
I’m debating between pVlad T4 @35 pts, or something from Legion of Everblight.  Absylonia or Rhyas, probably.  Or, if I had enough time, I could work on my super secret Retribution conversions…  Hmm…
Decisions… decisions…
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  • Good luck to you, Sir! That's crazy ambitious! I'll be lucky to have two such lists. I can most likely pull off one, maybe two Cryx theme lists, but to pull off ones from completely beyond my current time limits. speaking of which, no paint the target for me for June. ::sigh:: maybe the July one?…. In any case, good luck and I vote for your P-Vlad list.

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