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zomg update

zomg update

My apologies for the severe lack of bloggery lately.  It’s been almost a week since I updated, shame on me.  I’ve been working my way through Wrath, trying to wrap my head around the new hotness and I’ve been working on some models.  It’s been so nice to work on my own models.

I have my Beast Handlers almost complete!  While they’re only worth 3 pts, they are a 6-man unit, and will be my first PP unit completed!  Yay!  I tried taking WIP pictures, but my mixing medium is just too glossy, and they looked horrible, absolutely horrible.  I just need to do their skin, the green bits, touch up the metallics and do arc markings.  Should be easy to do tomorrow, on my day off.

Tonight is game night!  The league is still going strong, and the standings ladder is all over the place!  I have plans for the finale event, and I’ll be discussing them with the players tonight.  Here’s what I’m planning:


Standard 4′ x 4′ table
6+ players
15pt MM / TC lists

6 numbered portals (large base) are placed evenly spread out along a 36″ diameter circle, centered at the middle of the table.

Each player begins at a portal, and deploys within 3″ of the portal.  All players deploy simultaneously.

Players earn 1 pt for each warcaster / warlock they kill, and suffer -1 pt for each death of their warcaster / warlock.

When a warcaster / warlock dies, remove their battlegroup from the table.  At the beginning of that player’s next turn, they roll a d6, and deploy with full health at the corresponding portal.

First to 10 points, wins.


4′ x 4′ table, filled with linear obstacles
6+ players
Deployment zones are 10″ bubbles at table corners and center of table edges (allowing 8 players per table)

Each player brings an “army” consisting of 3 warcasters / warlocks from the same faction.
 – Warlocks use the Focus mechanic, not Fury.
These models all count as a single battlegroup.
Yes, players may triple feat.

Last person with a model standing, wins.

Those will be next weekend.  This weekend, I’m running my first tournament!  It’s a simple one, 35pts, two lists, Death Clocks.  I have no idea what the turnout will be, but I’m hoping for the best!

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  • <3 mad max (Fist of the North Star fan). Will have to try these out once my collection grows (finish painting my battlebox).

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