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Hakaar the Destroyer

Hakaar the Destroyer

I took a break from the Pink & Blacks to paint up Hakaar the Destroyer, an Ancestral Guardian solo.  He’s a fantastic model, and has killer rules to boot!  He satisfies the criteria for Lost hemisphere’s September Paint the Target:  a model that was released within the last year.  Hakaar was released in November 2010, so he’s just about 1 year old now!

He has dual POW 13s, which he can combine to take on heavier armed targets.  He runs of friendly souls, and any friendly models that tie near him trigger a vengeance move.  Yep, his vengeance triggers off other models.  On top of that, the three souls can up his ARM stat, as well as buy him boosts and additional attacks.  Top all that off with Life Drinker for healing up those 10 HP he has, and this is one mean 4 pt solo.
I painted this guy up while watching the old Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster movie, Mavrick, which I received for my birthday this last weekend.
I have a minimum unit of Man-O-War Shocktroopers built, but they haven’t seen primer yet.  I should probably get on that, huh?  😀
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