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Pump Wagon Progress

Pump Wagon Progress

Finally got some stuff done.  All eight front pieces are assembled, so I need to make more mushrooms for the optional spore attack upgrade.

I also trimmed and worked out how the whirlybird flight apparatus will attach to the pump wagon.  Check it out:

Stock model

Pull out the plug

Add whirlybird!
I also had the time to paint both wings of the fixed wing wagon, and took pictures detailing how it attaches and detaches from the wagon.
Wings attached

When the wings are attached, they’re held on by magnets.  You simply twist – in the same direction you’d twist off the top to a water bottle or drink.  Lefty loosey.

The big magnets hold the wing onto the wagon, and the small magnets help keep the wings aligned.  When the two wings are pulled off, they can be assembled together:

That’s all I have for now.
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