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I got home last night and had some time to work on stuff.  I pulled up Netflix, and started in on the last few episodes of Eureka Season 1, while cleaning up my workspace a bit.

I was able to put some paint down on the snotling test miniature, since it’s skin needs to be lighter.  It now looks like this guy from James Bond: Live and Let Die.  The contrast is far too strong.  I’ll have to either strip it and do it again, or re-base coat the skin and do a wash.
I finished putting together the full Venators + UA, and only had to sacrifice one finger to do it.  Yep, stabbed myself with the drill.  Luckily, it wasn’t running.  Still hurt, and is sore today.  Hey, at least that unit’s done!
Put the last bit of primer on the Beast Handlers, so I can start in on their bases soon.  I tried to touch up the primer on my Brute and Ancestral Guardian this morning, but something went awry with the spray can and they turned into sandpaper.
I now have to strip them.  I’m not happy about it.
Have you ever had a day where it felt like for every one thing that went right, 3 went wrong?
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  • Yeah, I hate it when primer does that. 🙁 I try very hard to not cut, pierce, or otherwise hurt myself with varying degrees of success. Hope your stripping went well.

  • Most of this I can do without problems, but that morning when I went to touch up the models, I didn't shake the spray can enough, I guess.

    They stripped well enough, and I'll prime them when I get a chance. I also stripped the rest of my Legion of Everblight. Those models need a soak in Acetone now. Home Depot, here I come!

  • I know sometimes humidity can cause that to happen too. good luck my friend. I just usd acetone to strip 10 Sisters of Battle that I'm going to repaint for a friend of mine as a birthday present.

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