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Notes to self

Notes to self

I had a chance to finally play some Xerxis last night.  It was in a 6 player game that didn’t quite make it past round 3.  I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun meeting some of the newer players (one of which I’m convinced has a photographic / eidetic memory…), but it’s just so slow.  After that experience, I can tell Xerxis will take some getting used to.

PP Studio Director Ron Kruzie’s Xerxis is pretty nice, eh?
  • Battle Plans are during his activation, so you want him to activate early in your turn.
  • Don’t put him in back, he’ll get left behind.  Which makes his 10″ control area even smaller.  Youch.
  • Marketh helps him lots – with only 5 fury, he needs it in order to fuel an Agonizer / cast Fury or Inhospitable Ground
  • He’s a super-solo, so he’ll see action, but late game.  Make the enemy deal with his army first – soften them up.
Praetorian Swordsmen
The models look great also…
  • Die to a stiff wind.  At 13/14, they aren’t hard to hit, and anything above POW 8 kills on average dice.
  • Defender’s Ward makes them much better, taking them up to 15/16
  • Would survive much longer if they were more spread out.  Though that means less of them are in good positions for the return charge
  • Would be a more imposing target if they were backed up by a second wave – Reivers, Cataphracts, Nihilators, etc.
  • Play the UA Officer near the back for the love of the Void.  Loosing him takes out side step and the minifeat.  Let the banner die instead.
Cyclops Savage
  • Under Fury, Enrage and feat, become POW 17 weapon masters, who charge for free and are perfectly fury efficient, due to Future Sight.
  • Take two.
I recently picked up Archdomina Makeda, who is another great infantry caster, and I’ll likely pick up Lord Tyrant Hexeris also.  His theme force is pretty nice, and I have all the models needed to hit T3.  I just need another Ancestral Guardian or two to take advantage of  the T3 bonus.  If I pick up Cataphract Arcuarii and another Venator Flayer Cannon, I can hit Hexeris T4 and Xerxis T4… And then if I…
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  • Yeah, I was one of the Cryx players (Chris) and the game was a lot of fun, but it was slow. That was partially due to a few hurried tactic conversations on both sides. It also didnt help that some players were more experienced than others which made things take longer. Still a lot of fun. I was very happy when your agonizer(?) died.

  • The Agonizer gets even better for the League. It's essentially an Agonizer + Forsaken. w00t!

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