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What a rollercoaster

What a rollercoaster

This week is shaping up to be quite an interesting week.

Monday, while trying to fit a new media card reader into my 2 year old (custom built) PC, something went, terribly, horribly…  wrong.  Somewhere, something went “$&*^# this, I quit!” and Windows couldn’t find some magical driver and boot up.

Luckily, I’d built the system with this type of problem in mind.  My system has an ancient 40GB IDE Hard Drive (from the late 90s, I’m sure).  That’s what I keep my operating system on.  I have a pair of 200GB drives that I install large programs to (video games, mostly) as well as store all my music, videos, etc.
So, I yanked everything but the motherboard, took an old toothbrush to the accumulated dust, and cleaned everything.  I then re-assembled the guts of the PC, but left the storage drives unconnected.
A reformat and reinstall of Windows XP later, and I’m up and running.
All over a $7 media card reader.
I’ll reconnect the storage drives tonight, close up the system and I should be back in business.  This type of thing is something I should do once a year, so I don’t mind it.  I just wish it had been on my schedule, and not been a surprise.
Tuesday, at about 3, I got called into the boss’s office.  Yeah, I was a bit worried.  He tells me to go sit and then goes and fills up his coffee.  I’m wracking my brain for what I could have messed up.  Then, he closes the door when he comes back.
Oh, dear.
Then I find out, effective next month, I’m getting promoted!
So, I took Lyndsey out to dinner, had some beers and a steak, and Key Lime pie for dessert!  (Sweetwater Tavern has amazing Key Lime Pie)
I spent the rest of the evening downloading programs (Chrome, iTunes, GIMP, etc) and updating the PC while I chugged away on the snotling wagons.  They’ll be done by this weekend.  I’m pretty excited, and I’ll have photos tonight.

Oh, and Lyndsey was in an artistic mood and made me a new banner for the blog!  Tell us what you think!

Tomorrow  Wrath should arrive!!  I tried to set myself up for having it on time, but was out of stock, as was the LGS’s distributor.  My book shipped yesterday, so it should be here tomorrow.  3 weeks after release, but hey, I’ll finally have it and be able to dive into all the goodness.
Friday, well, is Friday, and kick starts a 3-day weekend.  w00t!

Pictures of the wagons tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be addressing Lost Hemisphere‘s Clash of the Titans painting challenge!

Transmission End.
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  • I'm really happy you got the promotion! The new banner looks good, its interesting enough to make folks look twice and maybe get the casual reader to stay a bit longer. I didn't see your reply on the Clash of the Titan's challenge, what do you have in mind, more skorne? I'm thinking of trying a Broadsides Bart theme list.

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