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League Night

League Night

I was astounded at the response I got from players wanting to play the league.  When I sent out an interest check e-mail a few weeks ago, I only got a handful of responses.  Enough to order the basic 8-man kit.

I was not expecting to get 15 players, with a few more that haven’t completely made up their minds yet.
Wow!  I guess that’s a product of having lots of new faces at the store – not many of them are in our Google group and a part of the e-mail list.  I fixed that though, I took down e-mail addresses and sent out a link to the Google group to all of them last night.  They should be in the loop now.
Lost of players!
Down at the far end of the room, two guys were playing a non-league game, trying to learn their battle engines.  Dave (Khador) vs Caleb (Cryx).  Dave’s had his Wagon for about 2 weeks now (maybe longer) but Caleb’s Wraith Engine had arrived just before he got to the store.  Both of them seemed pretty happy with the learning process, and I was very excited to take a picture of the store’s first game with battle engines on both sides of the table!
I got a game in against the only other Hordes and Skorne player in the league, Hawk.  The game was fun, my pMorgs versus Hexeris.  I lost by scenario.  Pulling a refused flank type maneuver on a scenario where there are two control points was a bad idea.  It was nice to put some painted models on the field and get a game in!
His converted Titan Gladiator was pretty awesome:
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  • Too cool! I'm really looking forward to playing this Thursday in my first league game! I'm hoping that with all the Cryx players we'll do very well indeed.


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