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Shotling Pump Wagon Update

Shotling Pump Wagon Update

The rockets came in mid-week, and I separated them, cleaned them up, magnetized them to the wagons and primed them.  I’ve also built pump mechanisms for all four wagons.  Mushrooms have been attached to half the spiky front ends, and are awaiting paint.  The wagons themselves have had all metal bits base coated black, and the snotlings themselves are over 50% done.  Once I get the shotlings finished, I’ll glue them down and then begin staining the wood.  From there, it’s just metallics, red splashes of paint, and some touchups.  Optimistically, I’m hoping to have them in a box, in the mail in under two weeks.

Here’s a few pictures:

The rockets were the perfect length.  They hang over the front and back of two of the wagons and and are a hair short on another.  One wagon’s top is so short, I shortened a pair to fit, but other than that, they’re all completely interchangeable.

And, here’s an almost fully loaded wagon.  It has the rockets and the wings.

I have 20 snotlings in the works, enough for 5 on each wagon.  Each wagon will have a driver, a pumper, and three weapons guys.  I figure three on each bottom level and two on each roof will look good.

Let me know what you think!
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