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The Joys of Acetone

The Joys of Acetone

I’ve been spending most of my free time working on the snotling pump wagons.  They’re coming along, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now.  All week, I’ve been rotating models into the Super Clean and then into the Acetone.

Unlike before though, I got my hands on some pure Acetone – not the diluted nail polish remover stuff.  The Nail Polish remover I had been using weakens the glue and turns it into the same consistency as rubber cement.
Pure Acetone?  It makes super glue disappear.  Gone.  I had a Kodiak that was mostly in one piece.  The paint cam off just fine, and so I soaked it in Acetone overnight.  Today, I touched it with my tweezers, and it fell into pieces. This thing was a rock when I got it, and the Acetone just destroyed any trace of superglue.
Amazing!  I’m never going back to Nail Polish Remover.  Ever.  Oh, and the best way to use the stuff?  Tositos salsa jars.  Resealable glass containers?  Yes please!  No worrying about the Acetone eating through plastic cups!
So, this week, I’ve successfully cleaned up:
4x Blighted Swordsmen
5x Blighted Raptors
Stormblades + UA
1x Hunter
5x MoW Demo Corp
12x Iron Fang Pikemen
So, while I’ve been putting most of my efforts into the pump wagons, I still got quite a bit accomplished on my own models, too.
To close, here’s some pictures of Aptimus Marketh, now that he’s done.  I may still fall short of 10 pts for this month, but at least I’ve made Lost Hemisphere’s Paint the Target for this month!  Yay!

Somehow he got a little bit of gunk on his pillow, likely some glue from the foam tray.  A careful fingernail got it off alright.

I’ll have an update on the Snotling Wagons tomorrow, after I get some feedback from the client.
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  • I totally forgot about Paint the Target for this month, I need to get hot! I have Epic Deneghra sitting on my painting table begging for some paint to be applied to her. I think that's all I have on my painting table currently that qualifies for the monthly contest.

    I've been using salsa jars for a while now. They seem to be almost the perfect size for most minis and once I need to throw it out, that's easily done without making a mess.

    I really like the red on his head pillow thingy, I think it turned out well.


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