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NoVa Open Part 1

NoVa Open Part 1

We had quite the turn out this weekend at the NoVa Open!  It’s best told through pictures:

Quite a few Battle Engines saw some table time.
Lighteningy death!
There was also PG_PolarBearCub’s resin Slayer, Apollyen.  He had special rules that you could use to field Apollyen  as a 50 or 100 pt army.  It was pretty nuts watching people try to take it down with masses and masses of models.
There were some pretty cool conversions too…   KABOOM!
I found that setting up the demo models in cool combat positions between demos caught people’s attention.  I really need to get something more interesting on those back banners…
We did pretty good filling our little part of the convention hall.  At about 30 players total, we were still dwarfed by the nearly 300 40k players…
Yay prizes!!  We had some autographed rulebooks and Wrath posters, along with Domination Warcasters (courtesy Faultie via GenCon) and a box of Bombardiers and plastic Demo Corp.
Tomorrow, I’ll put up all the pictures I took of the cool 40k armies.  Some of them had awesome paint jobs and conversions.
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  • Very cool, wish I could have made it out! No fun for me, just moving, moving, and more moving!

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