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NoVa Open Part 2

NoVa Open Part 2

Saturday, I was able to take my camera around the masses of 40k tables and look at armies and see what cool stuff people had done.  There were plenty of armies that stuck to traditional themes, or were only partially finished.

However, there were quite a few that tickled my fancy.  I apologize for the lack of multiple shots for some of these.  The players were mid-game with timed rounds, so most of the time I was sneaking around and getting a single picture and then getting out of their way ASAP.
Dark Eldar that looked like Tron.  Oddly, the owner hadn’t realized it until I mentioned that’s why I liked it.

There’s loads more pictures after the break, so slow connections beware!

Wheel-less bikes.  Awesome idea!
Some very nice freehand.  All his vehicles had some.

The Aquablight armored division?

I’m not sure how or why, but he had these four winged monstrosities on the field, and they just looked pissed…

Someone’s a Broncos fan!  His display board had hive growths that matched the army.

There were very few Eldar players, but the ones I did see had good looking stuff.
These rusty colored tanks had more blending and subtle effects than the pictures let on.
Some cool four wheeled bike conversions.  It was a very well done White Scars army.
Urban Camo on Tau looks amazing.
The tube is supporting a camera that the 11th Company podcast was using to podcast all weekend long.

Space Marines riding Dinosaurs?  Yes please!

Gorgeous free hand on this Dark Angels Land Raider. 
Purple Tau, that were painted in about 3 months.  Good looking stuff!
More well done Eldar.  It was a Mechdar list, so there were another 2-3 tanks like this one.
I liked the blue and white here, they had a very regal and righteous look.
These guys all had white tassels of hair on their helmets.  The red was well done too.
Lots, and I mean lots, of Storm Ravens and other flying things.  The rust effects here are amazing!
The shading on the white is subtle, but very, very well done.  Love good Looking Eldar!!
Halved themes look good when done correctly, like this.

Headlights!  You can also see the red LED that gave the tanks a red underglow.

Two layer display / transport board, and it had lights in the rhino wreck and under the top layer, shining on the ruined stuff underneath.  The rhino wreck also flickered, like it was some busted electronics sparking and going nuts.

There was, however one army that stood out above all the rest.  I’m not sure if it was played with Space marine or Chaos Space Marine rules, but man, these models were epic:

Yes, it was an Imperial Star Wars themed army.  And the nearly unmodified Rhinos fit right in:

All in all, it was a fun half hour or so wandering the nearly 200 tables of 40k battles and taking some pictures.

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  • Yer making me miss 40k! More great pics! The grav-bikes and Dino-cav are both especially cool!

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