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Product Review: Dragon Forge Designs

Product Review: Dragon Forge Designs

Perhaps you’re like me, and swore you’d never buy those expensive resin bases that everyone seems infatuated with.  The models come with bases – all you have to do is put in some time to make them.  So, why spend money on bases, when you could easily spend that money on actual models?

Because, boy-oh-boy, are these fantastic.  Not only are they nicely detailed, they’re cleaner and better than anything I could make on my own.  What’s better: they’re consistent.  The bases carry a nice theme, and they do it across all the base sizes.

I picked up bases from three different ranges:

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Goth Tech
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Broken Wasteland
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Forgotten Empires

The Goth Tech bases are great for steampunkery.  They have old coblestone streets, as well as techy grates and cables.  They’re well within the future victorian / dystopian realm.  The Broken Wasteland bases are perfect for Protectorate of Menoth.  They clearly resemble a arid, cracked desert, perfect for the hot-blooded zealots.  I chose the Forgotten Empires for my Angry Elves because they clearly have that ancient temple ruins feel to them, which fits the background of the elves.  Plus, some of the elf models I’ve gotten in trades already had the bases, so I figured I should just continue the theme.

So, with some of those bases in hand, here are my thoughts on the actual product:

Highly Detailed

I’m looking at the Broken Wasteland bases, and not only are the cracked bits very random and scattered, but they have little scratches and dents in them, giving them texture and life.  Likewise the Forgotten Empires bases have a rough texture on the stone parts, which will help retain the rough stone look when drybrushed.  The cobblestones on the Goth Tech bases have the same dents and scratches that the Desert Wasteland ones do.

Quality Casting

These bases are solid!  The bottoms are incredibly smooth, so there’s no work required to get the base to sit flat on the table.  There are no bubbles to ruin the look of the bases and there’s next to no flash.  They also arrived packaged in these awesome baggies, easily segregating the separate components of my order, which tells me Jeff (the guy behind the scenes) has his act together, and is organized.


A fine product is dandy, but what’s the real benefit?  Speed.  I was able to paint one of these bases up in about 10 minutes, and easily pinned a warjack to it.  In 10 minutes of work, I have a completely finished base that looks better than anything I could have done on my own.  I’m not like Mugu, I can’t whip up fancy bases – and even if I could, I doubt I’d have the time to do so.  For me, these guys are going to really help me paint models faster, and get more painted models on the tabletop.


I really should have started using these sooner!

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  • Nice! I really like the DFD bases. I think the ones you’ve chosen for your Angry Elves will look great on your models.

    • Yeah, they look fantastic. Bases aren’t my favorite thing, and I’d much rather have the spare time for painting, so these will be prefect for me.

  • I agree the statue ones are perfect the Ret. I have a few pre-made base inserts that are okay but those are really nice. Can’t afford to buy any bases, plus would rather use the money on models…. however I am going to start making my own custom bases and casting them. I should have them by the time the next league comes along.

  • Hehe, welcome to the Dark Side. Maybe a third of my bases during the league were hand done, but the rest were good ol’ precast resin. Dragon Forge is nice, haven’t used any yet, mostly because Game Parlor never stocked any, but I got almost their entire stock of Dark Age and MicroArts Studio bases and inserts. I’m almost out of them, too, so maybe it’s time to get a hold of some of these.

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