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How-to Tuesday: Play Infinity

How-to Tuesday: Play Infinity

This one’s a stretch, but I promise next week’s will be awesome.

From what I understand, Infinity, like Malifaux, is a small (squad level, 10 or less models), skirmish game.  It also has some fantastic looking models:

One of guys in my area is looking to feel out interest in the game.  He’s played some games and really enjoyed it, and is looking to run some demos or play some games.

Here’s a neat video series on how to play:



Apparently, this is a pretty well translated version of the rules (which are free, minus the fancy background story and model stats).

What do you think about Infinity?

How would you sum up or sell the game to a Warmachine Player?

Convince me to play a game.

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  • Brendon – I know you’re a little far away, but there’s a very active and growing Infinity community playing at Games and Stuff now. They had 20+ people for a demo day last month and another one planned for the 17th. I had bought models last year but not ever played, got a second round of demos this last weekend. Check out this post on my blog where John (a guest poster) outlines some basic issues for players to consider.

    You might also find this 3 part Series at Frontline Gamer to be of value.

    My sense as a WM/H player was that it’s really a game of cover and much more terrain dependant. You basically need to cover the table in terrain, no line of sight should really be more than 12-18 inches long, with some exceptions. The order system and ARO mechanic are interesting and balance the effect of the lethality of the weapons somewhat, but it’s still very much a game based on the reality of high-powered weaponry being very lethal and as a result plays much more tactical, creaping from cover to cover, looking to position for advantage etc. Scenarios are key b/c they’ll force you to engage.

    Models are phenomonal. Fun to paint too. I just did some as a commission for Kyle.


  • There’s also been a recent surge in Infinity activity at Dream Wizards, and I’m quite hoping this area gets a regular lot of players so I can bring out my toy army mans more often.


  • They have some great looking models that I’d like to paint, but I can’t say I’m overly interested in the game.


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