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Protectorate Test Scheme

Protectorate Test Scheme

I know I discussed a Protectorate of Menoth test scheme a while back, but it just didn’t turn out how I wanted.  I recently saw someone who was painting the studio scheme over black primer, and was only about half finished, and I really liked the big chunk of black he had with the white and maroon of the studio scheme.

I love the Flameguard shields...

Obviously this isn’t a fully painted model – the skin is wrong, ad the black gloves and the Menofix aren’t highlighted, but I like the layout and the colors.

Glowy, pointy spear!

Oddly, the green in the coal black of the robe highlights doesn’t really come through in the highlights, but that’s OK.  I’m really happy with how the black turned out too.  I used the tutorial in the Forces of Hordes: Skorne book (Thanks Gary!), and then I hit it with GW’s new black wash, or “shade”, Nuln Oil.

I wanted to capture the dark side of the Protectorate…

What do you think of the scheme?

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  • Looks good. Though I am wondering how it will transfer to a Jack, especial one without any cloth surfaces? Also you probably will need to limit adding to many additional colors to the scheme for additional models as you already have 2 Primary and 2 Accent colors.

    I’d also be interested to see what switching one or both of the Primary colors with a corresponding Accent color would look like. So for example Gold armor with White Lacquer trim and then switching the black and red cloth locations or Black armor with Gold trim, then White and Red cloth. Definitely gives you some variety to play with without going outside the color pool.

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