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Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update #3

Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update #3

Saturday saw some house work, Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, a killer workout and very little painting.  Sunday saw lots of sleep, a fair bit of laundry, some very sore biceps and not nearly enough painting while giving Doctor Who another try on Netflix.  I wasn’t as productive as I could have been, but I’m still happy with where stuff is.  The Butcher is about 80% done, and should be ready to be finished on Monday.  The Banner and Officer are nearly done as well, though I’m still hesitant to do anything with the banner.  I’ve had some great suggestions, but I want to practice a bit before I have a go at the real thing.

Anyway, here’s what it all looks like:

The Standard Brearer needs his leather straps done, the base painted, hat, hair and flesh.


The officer also all the same stuff.


The Butcher, being a big dude and having lots of bits, needs all of the above, and the finishing on the black, because I skipped quite a few panels because my P3 Coal Black and P3 Frostbite mixture was drying out.


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