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Audience Participation Prize, Next Contest!

Audience Participation Prize, Next Contest!

During the last Studio Update, I asked a few questions and mentioned that anyone who answered them would be entered to win some goodies.

This is roughly what I looked like while the comments rolled in:

She's so excited, she didn't realize she'd dropped her ball...
She’s so excited, she didn’t realize she’d dropped her ball…

The response was amazing!  Thank you for all your great comments and answers.

Seriously,  Thank You.

So, I’ve compiled the list of comments and everyone’s name went in for each comment they posted.  I then consulted the cosmos, and the winner is…

Bearded Dwarf!!

Congratulations!  You’ve won a care package!  I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address to send you some swag.  Yay!

The Plarzasaurus says “Rawr!”

Next Contest!

The last one was so successful and I got loads of great info so let’s do it again, but bigger!

I’ve come up with some questions for you all that will help shape  There’s a lot of them (and a few are big ones and deserve a discussion all on their own), so I’ll be posting a few questions in each of my posts this week and next.  Every time you post a response, your name will go in the hat.  Comments here on the site, replies on the Facebook Page, and Tweets all count.  At the end, I’ll draw for another prize package.

Today’s questions revolve around how you get here, and why.

How do you find out about new posts from  
Are you an e-mail Subscriber?  Do you have me in your RSS feed?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Is there a way you want to follow and can’t?

What’s the main reason you visit  
Is it because you know me in real life?  Do you come for the tutorials?  Do you come here because it’s 95% Warmachine & Hordes and that’s what you paint / play?  In short, of all the  painting and hobby blogs out there, what about makes it worth your time?

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  • I get updates through Facebook. I visit because I know you in real life, and because there are pretty warmachine pictures


  • I get updates through Facebook. I visit because I’ve met you in real life and you’re an awesome dude, and because I love Warmachine and Hordes.


  • WOW! I don’t know what to say…..
    Oddly enough, I didn’t realize or remember there was a contest going, so this is a pretty big shocker. Thanks a lot for the upcoming swag, and for working hard on your blog.

    I am an email subscriber, although I tend to check your site about twice a day usually between painting sessions. I also follow you on Facebook. As far as other ways to follow, I am good with what I have. I would think that if you can keep adding different ways to have people follow you, the more people you will have, and the easier it will be for them to watch and participate.

    The reasons I come here is quite simple. You have good tutorials, nice pictures, good articles, and keep an upbeat and positive attitude. I tend to paint more than play, but when I do play miniature games it is usually Warmahordes. So the large amount of articles on that is always helpful. I do appreciate other gaming articles and just nerd life in general. I paint historical miniatures more than anything, but finding out about other game systems, miniature lines, and paint schemes is always good. I really love tutorials whether painting, or converting. It doesn’t matter to me what system or army it is, as you can still learn something from most of them. The only thing I don’t like about videos is when the camera moves all over the place as the person is trying to take video and point out things at the same time. I would rather watch a well done video and not learn a whole lot, then try to watch a poor quality video that might have something new in it, but I can’t seem to either see or hear what is going on due to quality. Even though I have never met you, I think of you as a good person and being supportive of those in the gaming hobby. I feel this way because of the articles in the past and comments you have made. You are a good example of what I like about the social aspect of the hobby. So between the good articles and good example you set for other gamers, I will continue to follow your blog and wish you the best in your endeavors.
    -Bearded Dwarf


  • How do you find out about new posts from

    Mostly through facebook, but sometimes I come back to consult one of your step-by-steps or something and I’ll see that there’s a new post. Exciting!

    What’s the main reason you visit
    1: I know you IRL
    2: Sweet articles
    3: It’s a good resource for tutorials and a little painting inspiration.


  • I tend to check the website every lunchtime for new posts, although I’ve just signed up to the email newsletter. Ideally I’d want to add the website to my Blogger or WordPress bloglist, but I’m having trouble getting the RSS to work there.

    I starting visiting your site after finding your tutorial for stripping paint from models. I kept on coming back because of the way that you write, the tutorials, and for painting inspiration.


  • I get most of my updates via email or Facebook, though due to the crappy nature of FB, its hit and miss. Email seems to be the most reliable.

    I know you in real life, though I enjoy your tutorials and following your painting escapades in general. I enjoy seeing how other people work/paint and what works for them or what doesnt, which you have a good amount of.


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