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Studio Update – 8/22

Studio Update – 8/22

It’s been a slow week or two here on the blog, but not so in the studio.

I’ve had several projects on my desk after the move and subsequent setting up of the new studio (in no particular order…):

  • Relic Knights was delivered, and I wanted to get a starter set assembled and ready to try some games
  • [Fun with 40k] has rekindled the dormant parts of my brain that never stopped loving GW models
  • A few locals have been following Infinity’s V3 rules release closely, plus Spud’s been doing some cool Infinity stuff recently…
  • I need to get a pair of models finished for Clash for a Cure before August is over

As I sit at my desk, I feel a little like this:

This last weekend, I got out the airbrush and got a fair bit of the macro work on everything done.

I use my Grex with a 0.3mm nozzle for priming and base coats, before switching to my Sotar 20/20 with the 0.2 for detail work.

I only have one “finished” model to show you…

Dark Angels Concept Marine

After priming black, I sprayed a coat of P3 Gnarls Green, then a mid-tone of P3 Iosan Green, and then a highlight of P3 Necrotite Green.  Once that was done, I coated everything with a layer of 50/50 water and P3 Green Ink to gather everything up and tint the yellow-y Necrotite Green back towards green.  Here’s the process in picture form:


From there, I added in cream bits with P3 Menoth White Base, shading with MWB mixed with some P3 Rucksack Tan and then final shading with pure Rucksack Tan.  I highlighted with P3 Menoth White Highlight and finally P3 Morrow White.

The gun is a dark red which starts with P3 Sanguine Base.  I had originally intended to shade this, but I decided it was dark enough and stopped there.  I highlight this by mixing some P3 Khador Red into the base color, and then edge highlighting with pure KRB.  I like this as a dark color to offset the bright green.

Lastly, the eyes are done in purple.  This is a nod to The Joker, who always appears in green and purple.  Considering the Dark Angels’ dark inner secret regarding their brethren falling to chaos (anarchy), I thought it would be a fitting tribute.  The eyes start with P3 Thamar Black, then the front 2/3 get P3 Beaten Purple and the final front 1/3 gets highlighted with GW Genestealer Purple.  A dot of P3 Morrow White in the rear corner sells the lens effect.

And this is what I get:


While the finished product looks good in these pictures, it’s far too bright in person.  It’s nearly pure Necrotite Green, and doesn’t convey the “Dark” part of Dark Angels.

That said, it does look pretty bad ass in the picture:


Unfortunately, he’s just too bright in person, so I’m going to be doing another concept model one stage deeper in the green department. Stay tuned!

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