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[Studio Update] Legionnaire Unit

[Studio Update] Legionnaire Unit

I carved out some time last weekend for painting, and paint I did.  I fleshed out the rest of the 6-man unit of Legionnaires that I started a few weeks ago.  I really like how it looks, and I feel that it accurately conveys the other-worldly nature of the blighted elves.  The aqua takes a step to the side for the rather strong pink/rose and purple, but I think that will really help distinguish beasts and troopers on the table top.  The aqua will remain the predominant color on the beasts.  In fact, I plan to finish up that Scythean and perhaps a Forsaken next.  Well, after I get some work done on some commissions.  Those clowns and that YT-1300 have some nasty guns pointed in my direction…

Let me know what you think of these guys (gals?) below.

Legionnaire Unit

Legionnaire Unit Back

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  • I think you’ve struck a nice balance with the aqua and purple-y colors here- you can definitely tell they belong to the same army as your warbeasts, but they’ve got enough color to distinguish themselves as a seperate unit. Will you be carrying the purple colors across the rest of your infantry and solos? You may have said as much already, I might have just missed it.

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