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Studio Update, Aquablight

Studio Update, Aquablight

After spending some time with family and puppy after the push to get the Khadoran Trenchworks done, I quickly needed to get a Painting Exchange model done.  The Exchange is next week (12/3), so I’ll post that model up after the victim gets their dues.

I didn’t want to lose momentum on the Aquablight though, so I set aside a night to work on the Teal Legion.  I also took a chance to test out my new photography setup.

Lo, and behold:






All that’s left on these guys is autumn leaves and snow, just like my Khador.

So, what do you think?

PS: Of course I notice the bit of purple on the sword now, after the pictures have been taken. *sigh*

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  • Looking good. I am liking the scheme, and it seems your painting is getting a bit better. The only thing I see that could use some work is the aqua part on the legionnaires needs a bit more definition. The highlights and shading are too close to the base color. You might want to push the shadow a bit darker. All in all it looks good, and the color choice will look striking once you get the whole army done. It would look great on a table all laid out.
    Thinking more about the aqua, I think it depends on how much time you want to put into the mini to make it different. I only say that because if it were for display, I would spend as much time as I could per mini. But I know you are using these for gaming, where you need to get an army out and on the table. I have a hard time deciding how much time I put into a mini. Anyways, good looking model, and liking the color scheme.
    Oh yes and make sure Libby gets plenty of pets!
    -Bearded Dwarf


    • Thanks, BD. Strengthening the shading on the aqua is a common comment, so I’m definitely going to look at doing that. I’m hesitant to push the highlights on the armor into white, I want to keep that fairly exclusive to the bones and chitin. I may see about mixing some of the Arcane Blue and white though.

      As for speed, my goal is to get stuff painted to a tabletop standard quickly, and then go back in and detail them to a higher standard once I have a painted, playable army.


  • A miniature without flaws will spontaneously manifest them the moment a camera is directed toward it.

    The minis hate us, and are trying to destroy us through mild embarassment.


  • You nearly killed me via heart attack with the painting exchange next week line. After I found the paddles and got a shot of sweet electricity I checked the calendar and found I have the roughly week and a half left that I’d planned on. Now your date notation makes more sense, but holy close call Batman.

    More on topic, those are some fine looking blighters. Legionnaires are a bit dull up front since they’re mostly armor, but the aqua gloves give a bit of pop. What about a gold…crosspiece? The technical term eludes me for the decorative bit where the blade meets the hilt. I think a little warmth on the front would be a nice addition.


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