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[Aquablight] Sneaky Death

[Aquablight] Sneaky Death

It turns out that when you’re sick, you can get some painting done. I’ve been fighting a flu like thing lately, and managed to finish up some of my own models while I wait for the next commission minis to arrive.

I’m working my way towards expanding my Legion of Aquablight. My one fully painted list is fun, but diversity and variety would be awesome.

Learning from past experiences, I find that I get more done when I only have a few items on my desk, so I only worked on three models. They do give me an extra eight points to play with though…

First, the cuddly dragon-infused kitten, the Raek!






The Raek is very useful on the battlefield, and looks pretty dang cool, too.  It’s animus grants parry, and the big kitty can jump, bypassing enemy defenses.

The other two models were a matched pair of Strider Deathstalker solos.  One is converted, swapping the weapons for a little variety.




The two archers are solos that do nasty things with their bows.  Not only are they very accurate and rather deadly when targeting enemy troopers, they have quite a few fun abilities that trigger when the kill an enemy.  First, they get to move a few extra inches, and secondly, they get to make a second bow shot after they kill their first target during their turn!

These three models should add some much needed variety to my arsenal!  Next up, Aby2 and some Bumberblights!

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