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Attention: Free stuff!

Attention: Free stuff!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?  I know I do.

Image by PSFK

Burb1996, of Burb’s Painting Blog is having a giveaway contest!  How awesome!

What does it involve, you ask?  Oh, about two button clicks.  That’s it!  All he wants is for you to subscribe to his blog.  The faster he hits 40 followers, the bigger the prize!

To a randomly chosen follower he’s giving…

  • an EXTREME SCULPT if it takes less than a week
  • a heavy ‘jack or beast if it takes 2 weeks
  • a $30 unit if less than 3
  • a light ‘jack or beast prize if it takes 4
  • a $10 prize if it takes more than 4

You can check out his post on the contest here.  I’ll link it again just to be sure you go check it out:  link.

If you’re a subscriber to me, you’ll probably like reading his posts (I sure do). Not only does he have quality pictures of what he’s working on, such as Janissa Stonetide, but he shares modelling issues like the Krielstone gap. He also has the occasional battle report.

So what are you waiting for? Go subscribe and be sure to get your chance to win big!

PS:  I’ll have updates on a tournament I lost magnificently this weekend as well as some pictures of what’s on the painting table later today.  Stay tuned!

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  • Thanks for the post! Its looking like I might reach 40 in the first DAY let alone week. Thanks again!

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