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Ret Heavy Warjacks

Ret Heavy Warjacks

… do not pose well.

Actually, they do:

ThorkaTor’s Hydra

Since they’re all mostly ball and socket joints, they’re actually very poseable. I assembled the stock legs and pinned them to a base (without glue). I then had some fun with sticky-tak. I give you…

The “Dukes”

Put ’em up… Put up yer dukes!

The “Punch You in the Face”

Which looks a lot like my Chimera

The “Armblades are Cool”

I actually really like the Dukes pose, but it only works for the Hydra, and I need this chassis to be a Hydra/core.  Those are the three (somewhat) original poses I could think of.

Combined with the couple above, which do you like best?

Think you have an awesome pose I should try?

Tell me in a comment below!

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