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100th Post

100th Post

Wahoo!  Triple digits!

To celebrate, I’m giving something away to one of my loyal followers!

First, I did some research into how to be 100% sure I was randomly selecting a winner. I stumbled upon, a group that uses atmospheric noise as a source for it’s algorithms. Exciting, eh?

I took a list of all my followers, and after dropping the few that I know wouldn’t want a miniature (my mom, wife and a friend who doesn’t game) and I plugged it into’s list sequence randomizer thingy. But since when is one ever good enough? So I made 9 more lists, giving me 10. Here’s a link to the google doc with the lists: link.

(Let me know if that link doesn’t work)

Now that I have a sufficient amount of randomness, it’s time to randomly pick the random list for the random winner!

Tossing 1-10 into their random number generator resulted in using list number…

And then I asked for a random number between 1 and 17, and I got…

So who’s number 7 on list 3? Why it’s…

The Brotha!

The Brotha (of Can a Brotha get a Six), you are the winner of a magnetized plastic warjack kit*! Let me know which faction you’d like and sooner than you can believe it, you’ll have a magnetic masterpiece! Congratulations!!

*If you only play Hordes or don’t play Warmachine, we’ll figure something else out.

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