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New Website!

New Website!

To prime black or white? That is the question.
The google image search for "new hotness" broke the maturity filter, so instead, you get monkeys at computers.

Hello, and welcome to the new site!

First, I apologize to anyone following via RSS – I didn’t know that switching over the feed from the old site would spam you with a bunch of posts.


This will be the new site for all my modelry and bloggery.  I’ve re-worked all the non-blog pages, so please check out the Armies and Gallery pages!  Also, the Tutorials page gets you to all the posts tagged “Tutorial”, and the Battle Reports page does the same.



With the new website comes a new set of goals:

Goal, the First: A wider range of content, and more of it.

I really enjoy writing battle reports, and want to do more of them.  Also, I’m getting a chance to play more these days, and I feel like a tactics article every now and then would be good to.  I’ve also had a few friends express a desire to write something for the blog, so expect guest articles every now and again.Don’t fear the changes though – the primary focus of the website will remain the hobby aspect of miniature wargaming.  However, I feel like maybe having some other topics will keep things fresh and interesting!

With all that, I should be able to exceed my current rate of 2-3 updates a week.  With any luck, that will get flipped around into an update every other day or so.  For now, I’m going to set a goal of every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  3 posts a week.

Keep Going!
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Goal, the Second: No more buying models for a particular faction until I have a fully painted 35/50 pt army for that faction.  Also, no new factions until I have a fully painted army for each faction I already own.

This one’s pretty simple.  No buying until I’m fully painted.  The pile of unpainted pewter is just far too large.  That‘s going to change.  The awesome part is, that means a greater variety of content for you, because I’ll have to paint an entire army before I can buy any new models for a particular faction, and I’l have to have a fully painted army for every faction before I can branch into a new one.

And, following the rule of threes…


Goal, the Third:  More feedback!

Yes, my third goal is actually all about you!  I’m hoping with the new format, you’ll all be more responsive, and more forthcoming with your thoughts and ideas.  I really enjoy it when a comment spurs a conversation, so I’ll be doing my best to ask questions near the end of each post, and I’d really love responses, comments and questions.  I promise to respond to every comment left on this website, so long as you keep on leaving them.

To facilitate that, I’ve allowed comments to be made without any need to log in or create an account.  All you need to to is enter a name and e-mail address, and then leave your comment.  However, if you wish, you can register with the WordPress system so whenever you want to leave a comment, you have an avatar picture, and other stuff automatically filled out for you.

So, with all that in mind, explore the new website, and please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think about the new website!



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