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Pink Demo Corp!

Pink Demo Corp!

This week marks the tail end of the 25 pt level for the local Slow Grow League.  For the jump from 15 pts, I wanted to be sure to get in a second unit of Man-O-Wars.  When Butcher’s theme force has two units of them, they get +2 SPD for the first turn.  That mitigates one of the largest weaknesses of Khador:  low speed.  I’ll take it!

To fill out the remaining 4 points, a pair of solos will get me halfway to the 4 solo requirement for Tier 3.  My list requires the War Dog, Yuri and a pair of Manhunters.  I don’t yet have both Manhunters, but I do have Yuri and the pup.  Conveniently, they add up to 4 points!  You can see more detailed pictures of them on the Clash Deadline #8 post over at Lost Hemisphere.


With these models, my 25pt list looks like this:

The Butcher of Khardov (*6pts)
* Destroyer (9pts)
* Juggernaut (7pts)
* War dog (1pt)
Demolition Corps (Min Unit) (6pts)
Shocktroopers (Min Unit) (5pts)
Yuri the Axe (3pts)

While the model count looks low, I actually have lots of options…

25 point Army Tactica

The Demo Corp hit just as hard as the Shocktroopers, but they have some great versatility.  They essentially have two attack types:  Hit Twice, or Boosted Damage.  At POW 14 and Reach, they can chew through some infantry with 6 attacks from the 3 man unit, or against large targets, they’re POW 14 Weapon Masters.  Ouch!

Shield Cannons!

The Demo Corp being around means that the Shocktroopers no longer have to try to seem imposing – they can be purely defensive like they’re supposed to be.  With Iron Flesh and Shield Wall, they’re DEF 17, ARM 21 with 8 boxes.  That’s tough by any anyone’s standards.  They’re also medium bases, so Butcher can hide among them to stay safe from ranged pot shots.  They’re an amazing tar pit that epitomizes the term “Immovable Object”.  Most people forget they have guns too.  While the Shield Cannon is only RNG 6, it is POW 14, so it hurts when it lands.  Lastly, Shield Wall simply happens – it doesn’t consume an action, so they can Walk forward, Shield Wall and fire off a volley of shots.  If nothing else, it can help you gauge the distance to the enemy.  Now, if only there was a way to give them assault…


On top of the Shocktroopers, I now have the amazing War Dog!  He lets Butcher ignore back strikes, and can counter charge anything that tries to threaten him in melee.   While he’s only POW 11, he’s rolling 4 dice of damage on the charge under Butcher’s Feat, and even POW 11 + 4d6 is nothing to snuff at. The Dog’s a fantastic buff to the Butcher, and not a bad offensive piece too.  One great thing, is most people forget about him because he’s mostly a passive model.  You often don’t go running it off to kill something – instead it just hangs out and then really messes up people’s plans.

Or, they do their best to kill the Dog at all costs – hopefully leaving themselves open to a counter attack.

I cast... Axe2face!

Yuri is… well, he’s Yuri!  Stealth, Pathfinder, Treewalker, Reach and Thresher on a POW 13 Weaponmaster is just disgusting.  He can mow down infantry, he’s a great solo hunter, and like everything else, is full of murderation under the Butcher’s feat.  He’s even better when there are more Manhunters on the field – he gives them Treewalker which means all of them ignore forests for LOS, and can move through anything inside a forest.  Yuri’s like Eyeless Sight and Flight in a neat little package!

So, now the hard part.  Getting all those pieces to work together for a win!

I’ll let you know how I do with that at tomorrow’s Game Night on Friday’s post.  Hopefully, I’ll have a Battle Report for you!

For now, here’s a shot of the army all together.  Pretty impressive, if I say so myself!

We're coming for you! Very, very slowly...
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  • I have to say that I hate that damnable dog! I was playing someone else who’d used him and he did his job well by stopping my assasination run in its tracks. Yuri is nice and I tend to spend way too much time trying to kill him in games i’ve played where he’s been on the table.

    • He’s fantastic! He saved the Butcher from a Daughter of the flame last night, but didn’t quite take out the second one on my turn.

      Yuri will kill whatever he gets in contact with, but I had trouble getting him in range of anything. Everything runs from him… Unfortunately, that made my opponent channel his entire army down my middle, and a singe line of MoW couldn’t quite hold the line. I think he’ll do much better with a pair of manhunters in tow – much more imposing, and you can’t just send one solo off to take care of him.

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