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How-to Tuesday: Custom Foodmachine Trophies

How-to Tuesday: Custom Foodmachine Trophies

Foodmachine is all about donating food and having a fun time.  This was my first year running a Foodmachine Tournament, and I took the opportunity to make some fun trophies for my players.

Here’s what I used:

A $1 wooden thingy from Michael’s Hobby Center

1 small base

1 Agonizer from Dominar Rasheth’s model

1 $0.79 can of Tomato paste

1 piece of plastic cutlery.

The first thing to do is prepare the bases to hold the models.  These Agonizers have very little contact area with whatever they would stand on, probably because there is supposed to be three of them, not just one.

To cover the slot in the base, I used masking tape.  Use a fingernail to press it into the inner ring, then use a hobby knife to cut away the excess.

After that, pin the models to their bases.

Also, cut away the little tabs n the top of the models, and file them flat.  Two have the rectangular tabs, and the third has a dome / ball shaped tab.

Take each piece of cutlery and find where it balances.  Score up that area, on the bottom part of the cutlery.  Also score the top of the Agonizers.  Then, use lots of superglue to glue the cutlery to the Agonizer.

While those are drying, take a spare small base, and use it as a stencil to draw a circle on the top of each can of Tomato Paste.  Score the inside of this circle, to give the superglue something to grab on to.

Spray paint each agonizer held piece of cutlery with an appropriate color.  In this case, I went with gold on the knife, silver on the fork, and bronze on the spoon.  That way, the sharpest utensil goes to the winner, next sharpest to second place, and the dull spoon to third.

At the same time, spray paint the wooden bases with black.

When everything’s said and done, glue it all together!

For the plaques, I just printed out the Foodmachine 2012 logo, and used clear packing tape to stick it onto the wooden base.  I then hit the entire thing with a heavy coat of gloss varnish.

The event raised over 300 cans of food for the hungry, and resulted in some pretty happy Warmachine players!

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