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Winged Harbinger of Menoth Conversion

Winged Harbinger of Menoth Conversion

Yes, I am still alive.  I’ve been working on things, and as proof, here’s my latest conversion.  I don’t have much of a walkthrough for it, as it was mostly impromptu work when I had time.  I do have a parts list though.

  • Harbinger of Menoth
  • Deva, Female Angel (#3114, Reaper Dark Heresy)
  • Sir Ekkrion’s Shield (PP Bits Store)

And, from this, I get a winged Harbinger carrying a shield, accompanied by an Acolyte holding her Battle Standard.  She’s still got some sticky-tac, as I’ve left her mostly unassembled.  As intricate as the model is, being able to paint it in parts is a necessity.  Not that it will get painted any time soon, I just was too excited about the conversion to not get it done.  Also, credit where credit is due, I didn’t think up the winged conversion, nor was I the first to use these wings.  Thanks to Ravenshaw (who may or may not have been the first, but certainly led me in the right direction).


Tomorrow’s How-to?  Magnetizing an Everblight Plastic Heavy Warbeast Kit!

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  • Very cool! Nice to see her done after talking about her on the drive back from TempleCon. The shield and wings make for a much cooler model overall.

  • Hey bud! This is awesome. Could you get a hold of me somehow to elaborate on how I can do this as well. Glueing the original harbinger together is a pita and I’m thinking about getting into pinning and conversions as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would love to make a replica harby like this!

    • You know, I never finished this piece, but I do still have it. If I’m correct, it’s still in pieces, not even glued together. I could take some exploded view pictures for you and do small write-up on it.

      I’m sure that I’d do it differently now, with another 7-ish years of experience since this was done, but it’s still a great conversion and looks amazing, I think.

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