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NOVA Open: Post-game

NOVA Open: Post-game

So, I had my camera on site all weekend, but somehow I ended up with only a few pictures.  The same thing happened when I went to England as a youth – I took perhaps a dozen photos for the week I was there.  I suppose, like John Meyer, I like seeing the world through both my eyes.

Despite the lack of enough pictures for a true “Photo Dump”, here’s the pictures I do have:

Demo Table, with the 4 main Warmachine Factions available for trial.
Shot down the hall. We had 6 rows of 5 tables set up, offering about 30 tables total. Each table was topped with felt, and had a 1′ side board for holding tournament trays, dead models and drinks.
PG_Tionas’ nicely painted white and orange Menoth.
We gave prizes out so fast, there wasn’t even time for photos! This is the Hardcore 2nd place player, Jake H receiving his award from PG_Tionas.
A game being played on the Tectonic Crafts Studio table!
The Iron Arena prize table. Despite being free, we could not give the new Dark Vengeance box away… Everything else flew off the table once folks had the points.
Speaking of Iron Arena, two players played a 150pt Unbound game in order to unlock the Unbound achievement, as for online games and doing money online, we can read this report, to find the right resources online for this.Unfortunately, that’s about all the pictures I came home with.  Lame, I know, but I hope some of the other bloggers I know that were there had better luck getting pictures of the weekend.

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  • I had the same problem taking pictures. I have 3-4 from before Hardcore started, then another 3-4 for the rest of the weekend. It’s a shame I didn’t stay on top of it, but I’d rather look at it that I was so engaged with gaming that I didn’t think about photography.


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