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Templecon 2013 Recap and Photodump

Templecon 2013 Recap and Photodump

Ugh, can you believe it’s been almost a month since there was an update? I hope you’re as appalled as I am.  We shouldn’t put up with this sort of lazyness, Who runs this thing anyway?!

Oh, right.

So, the delay is not without cause.  I moved.  Not far, just to a new place, but it has taken nearly a month, and it has also taken a small toll on my health.  I pulled a muscle in my back from all the heavy lifting, so here I am three-ish weeks after my injury, and I’m still sore in the AM, and can’t sit for too long of a time period.

Anyway, I’m not here to gripe, I’m here to kick off 2013.  A month and a half late.  Hey, better late than never, right?

For the past three years, a new calendar has meant a trip to Rhode Island, where I hang with friends, volunteer a bit, and see how long I can go without sleep.  AKA, Templecon.  This year was no different.

I packed all of my assembled Khador into my pack, threw my gaming T-shirts into a suitcase, and tucked my box of goldfish crackers under my arm, and off I went.

I had a grand old time, this year was a far better experience than last year, when I worked 4 4-hour shifts, and ended up playing one. single. game.  This year, I packed in 20 games, met loads of awesome people, and had much more fun.

Below is a gallery of pictures I brought back with me.  I took the good camera, so they’re huge.  There isn’t nearly as many as I’d hoped and planned on taking, but I typically end up taking a page from John Meyer when on trips:

“Didn’t have a camera by my side this time
Hoping I would see the world through both my eyes

– John Meyer, 3×5

I met a die hard Khador player who was hoping his circle army would take him through a tournament.  He showed me how to best utilize my IFP and their mini-feat.  His models were gorgeous too, all earthy with red gems.

I played a game against Captain Spud of Lost Hemisphere fame (after stalking him for roughly twenty minutes).  Of all the opponents who defeated me, he did it with the most style.  He walked a forsaken up to Vlad, slammed it over him to knock him down, threw a spell at him through his Windwall, and then his Ravagor picked up Vayl2, and threw her at him, dealing the last 3 points of damage to finish off my warcaster.  Talk about spiking the ball in the end zone.  I took the loss like a pro, and went home with my very own custom ‘alternate’ Succubus for my Legion forces.

While I work on some things, I’ll go over one of the lists I really enjoyed playing, but for now, enjoy the few pictures I managed to remember to take.

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