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40k Fridays: [Tau] Planet 13-749-S Invasion

40k Fridays: [Tau] Planet 13-749-S Invasion

+ + + === + + + BEGIN TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +

+ + === BEGIN HEADER === + +

From: Shas’O Kais’Run’al
To: Fio’Vre Run’shi
Re: New R&D Project: 14250-574-B

+ + === END HEADER === + +
+ + === BEGIN CONTENT === + +


Nine rotaa ago, we landed on 13-749-S. Since then, we have learned much, and because I know you appreciate such things, so please see the attached orbital assessment. Enjoy.

I find that 13-749-S is at odds with itself. It has abundant material resources at it’s core which are invaluable, but these veins of precious metals are protected by a vacant, yet hazardous environment that will certainly hinder retrieval efforts. Having set foot on 13-749-S, I can assure you that the planet’s presence is… most unsettling.

The earth is entirely barren. Consisting mostly silica and carbons, with nitrogen and most of the rest of the building blocks for producing flora. However, there is none. The presence of plant life on this planet appears to be halted by its overly acidic water.

The soil’s complete lack of vegetation is rivaled only by the level of the water’s acidity. The waters do not seem to become deep, all the lakes we have encountered are very shallow, reaching to just below the collar on an upright XV-8. Our usual pigment enamels seem to withstand the water’s acidity well enough, though our Fio will have their work cut out for them, repairing joints and refreshing the enamels more often than normal.

Surprisingly, it is the hostile water, not the fertile soil that supports the majority of the life here. We discovered them when the twin suns finally set for the night. The micro-organisms that live in the water absorb the light from the suns, and emit a glow when the suns vacate the sky. The water here glows, and for good reason. The suns have been gone now for approximately thirty decs. It seems the planet rotates slowly, and counter to it’s rotation around the suns, so the darkness will last for roughly five rotaa total.

This is thoroughly a strange world. During the day, the blinding light and dust storms abrade both my armor and my patience. At night, the dust settles, the stars become visible, and the planet transforms into a vision of serenity that is almost romantic.

I could muse longer, but reports of the approaching Gue’ron’sha battleship and distant Y’he hive have been confirmed, and planetary defense plans must be drafted.

I take solace in the fact that we have arrived first, and thus have an advance on acclimatizing to the planet’s unique environment.

Please review the attached schematics and notes on some modifications to the XV-8 chassis and a new pigmentation scheme. Your expertise in these areas will be greatly appreciated.

Shas’O Kais’Run’al

+ + = END CONTENT = + +

+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 106-56942-97411-64516 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 106-56942-97411-64517 = + +

+ + + === + + + END TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +

+ + + === + + + BEGIN TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +
+ + = BEGIN HEADER = + +

From: Fio’Vre Run’shi
To: Shas’O Kais’Run’al
Re: Project 14250-574-B

+ + = END HEADER = + +
+ + = BEGIN CONTENT = + +

Greetings, Shas’O Kais.

Thanks you for the Orbital Assessment information. Ecology is one of my favorite past-times, and the data certainly looks interesting.

Your assessment of 13-749-S matches what the Orbital Assessment indicates; this world is different from others encountered in the sector. Finally, some variety!

The modifications you requested have been looked at and assimilated by the Fio’la in my primary workshop, and I wanted to provide you with a brief progress report.

The prototype XV-8 modifications are proving to be the easiest of what you requested. Raising the jetpacks on the XV-8s such that the intakes will be above the waterline in most of the shallows should provide an advantage against the Gue’ron’sha, whose vehicles cannot enter the acid lakes.

I have also attached images of the initial test of some new camouflage pigments. The colors were inspired by the soil and water of 13-749-S. The dirt’s rust color was simple enough for our paint shop Kor’vesa to duplicate. The rich aquamarine of the water was more troublesome, but I believe we have found a suitable pigment that faithfully replicates the vibrant color emanated by the micro-organisms within 13-749-S’s waters. The pictures you included were extremely helpful.

I also took the liberty of having the new paint pigments enhanced with acid resistant compounds. My counterpart working on a pigment enhancement project for use against the Y’he mentioned a recent breakthrough, and I offered this project as a potential test bed for his latest compounds.

At your earliest convenience, please review the attached report. Any comments and suggestions on our progress would greatly inspire the Fio.

Fio’Vre Run’shi

+ + = END CONTENT = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-54 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-60 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-62 = + +

+ + + === END TRANSMISSION === + + +

P3 Meredius Blue, P3 Bloodstone
Test Pigmentation Scheme for deployment to 13-749-S
Raised jetpack vents, extra knee movement, outstretched right arm.
Test modifications to XV-8 Crisis Suit
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